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1/24 scale “Thingie”

Here’s one I have just finished for my old friend Russell Sheldon. Let me say from the start, I did none of the bodywork – that was done a few years back by Frans Marais, an airbrushing genius who lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

I got the opportunity, and honor, to make the frame and assemble all the vintage parts that Russell sent me for the running gear: 1/8 axle, Cox gear, and a nice Champion 16D motor. I also got the chance to use my new bead blaster on the frame, which helped no end in getting a super-clean look:

There are more photos on Russell’s Facebook page:!/russell.sheldon.58/media_set?set=a.10201415356959322.1073741826.1036693833&type=3


1/32 Scale Chaparral 2H

Here’s one I built for myself for a change – to run at the North London Society of Model Engineers when I visit the UK next week. NLSME is one of the old famous British clubs, so this will be a great experience.

The frame is a semi-copy of the old F32 frames that the other NLSME racers are using. Most of them had a few left over from when this was the entry-level class in British slot racing in the 1970s and 1980s. The motor is a two-hole mura C-Can, with an old NCC-20 armature.

The bodywork comes from John “Howmet TX” Dilworth, who is as famous for making bodies these days as he is for his real profession which is manufacturing and restoring violins and violas. John is a member of NLSME, so I thought it fitting to use one of his creations for this build.

More shots:


1/32 scale Porsche 917 and Group 2 Camaro

These cars were built for my old friends and rivals Russell Sheldon and Alan Seymour. Russell and Alan raced for the famous Ecurie Elite Model Car Club in Durban, South Africa in the early 1980s. Alan now lives in the UK and races at Presto Park club in Norwich. The cars were built for a Classic event in October 2011, and managed to take 1st and 2nd in Concours in both classes, and then record a win and a 4th place with the Porsches and  2nd and 5th places with the Camaros.

The spectacular bodywork for all 4 cars was done by Chris Clarke in Texas, Russell built the 4 motors, and I built the frames and assembled the cars.

More details of the cars are available here:


1/32 Scale 1949 MG TD

Here’s a car I have been doing for a friend in Colorado. He sent me the plastic model kit body and some parts, I built the frame and modified the kit wheels for inserts into the BWA aluminum wheels. The car is now back with its owner in Colorado having the bodywork finished.

The car is being built as an entry to “The Last Open Road” Proxy racing series that kicks off at the end of February. More details of this series are available here:


My Latest Retro CanAm design

This one was built for Joe “Noose” Neumeister, according (somewhat) to his specifications. It works very well on swoopy tracks, going very deep into the braking zones and being very stable and fast through donuts and sweepers.

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  1. Dennis,

    Was great to see you again at the Petersen. I love the desgn you did for “Noose”. Do you think a variation of it would work on our flat, bumpy, sprayglued Carrera track Quadrophenia. I’d like to promote D3 racing here, and I’d like some of your chassis. How much for a similar chassis and body?

  2. This chassis is a winner for sure. I have made the main in every race entered with it.

    • Joe Neumeister says:

      Update: Dennis made some minor modifications to this design that made it even better. The hinge tubes were made larger for more strength and he laid brass rod along the inside rails. The brass rod helped in stiffening it a bit but more importantly “dampen” it for that critical section from the exit of the donut to the lead on when on a King track.

  3. Howard Salsitz, J.D. says:

    Hey Dennis! Fun playing with your cars the other day. I’m impressed. I sure hope you enjoy the “gifts” I sent home with Stuart.

  4. joe goldberg says:

    Hi D Samson,
    Would like to talk with you about building me a D3 Retro car.?
    I am a member of Northwest Retro League in Spokane Wa..

    Thank you,

  5. Dennis Samson says:


    Thanks for the enquiry – look for an email coming your way.


  6. Lionel van de Waal says:

    I last raced slot cars in Rhodesia 35 years ago. I keen to get into it again. Looking for a club in the Johannesburg area. Can you help ?

  7. Dennis Samson says:


    I will send you an email with contact information for Gustav Heymann who runs the Premier Model Car Club in Brakpan.


  8. Russell Upton says:

    Dennis, I’m interested in getting another chassis from you. Do you do any Tripod chassis? Could you send me some pics please. The other car you did for me works great also. Thanks.


  9. Jay Henry says:

    Long time since I’ve seen you…. that Chaparral is beautiful Dennis!
    I hope all is well with you and family, see you soon!

  10. Enjoyed meeting and racing with you at last years Fall Brawl. Can’t wait for a re-match.
    Love the look of that new Retro Can Am will look for it in SpeedZone’s case.

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